Best Places for Loot – Free Garena

Action games have become a great way to take a much-needed break from your mundane routine. Be it a long week of continuous examinations or a dull week at your nine to five job, a great survival shooter game is a great way to release stress. Free Fire Garena is an ultimate survival game that tests your wits, shooting skills and your agility. It has emerged as one of the best shooting base with an exponentially increasing fan base. If you wish to join the fun but hate the fact that old players have a competitive edge over you, here is a simple solution for you- a list of the best places for loot in Free Fire Arena.

The Golf Course

The golf course is undoubtedly the best place to land while playing the Free Fire game. Not only is it the safest place to land on the entire map it is also loaded with loot and the closest spot to the hot zones. This is the ideal spot to kind important items like a first aid kit or weapons of your choice. You can choose to land here, grab all the required gear and then head out towards Brasilia or Central to fight.

The Ski Lodge

The Ski Lodge is a spot on the map that gives a player strategic advantage, especially if they are more inclined towards using snipers. This place is loaded with sniper rifles and it is the highest point in the map, which allows players to gain a high ground and shoot long distance targets with ease. Mountain Villa and Lumber Mill seem to be the best spots for assault rifles and are close to the hot zones.

Central Region

The Central Region is a small part of the map and is highly underrated. This is, however, a great place to find lots of loot and other things for survival within five to ten seconds of landing. This is a great spot for players who do not want to expend a lot of time and energy in exploring the map and it is a great place to loot for all kinds of players.


Brasilia is a comparatively bigger town area that is full of buildings. These not only provide a great advantage for people who want to engage in guerrilla warfare and prefer to play in the stealth mode, it is also a great place to find loot. You can easily find SMGs and LMGs in this region along with other useful gears. However, it is not as safe as the other parts of the map and a lot of matches do end in this region.

These are the spots on the Free Fire Garena map that provide players with a great advantage when it comes to finding loot and enable them to gain a competitive edge over their opponents with the help of great equipment. If you’re looking to join the game and want to enjoy spending time playing Free Fire Garena these are the places to be in. so go ahad find your loot now!